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News & Updates

Keeping you connected

In our rapidly changing world, staying informed and connected has never been more crucial. Our “News & Updates” section serves as a beacon, illuminating the latest happenings, announcements, and events within our church community. Whether it’s an upcoming outreach program, a special sermon series, updates on mission trips, or heartwarming stories from our members, this is your go-to spot to keep your finger on the pulse of our vibrant congregation. We believe in the power of community, and through these updates, we aim to foster unity, awareness, and active participation among our members. Dive in to stay informed, get inspired, and find opportunities to engage and serve!

Please be aware that our website is currently in its early stages, and these posts are merely duplicates meant to provide a preview of the site’s appearance with blog posts. We encourage you to revisit us soon when these placeholders will be replaced with fresh blog content and updates.

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