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Let your journey begin today.

We provide a safe place for you to grow.

We believe in fostering a community that thrives on faith, unity, and love. Our core values of Faith, Trinity, Love, and Community are the guiding principles that drive us forward. As you navigate through our Meet the Team section, you’ll have the privilege of getting acquainted with our dedicated and passionate Inspirational Ministers of Change. Their commitment to spreading positivity and transformation serves as an embodiment of our beliefs in action.

One of the most inspiring corners of our Discover pages is the Testimonies section, where you’ll find stories that resonate with encounters of divine grace. These narratives showcase the profound impact of faith in action and how lives have been transformed through encounters with God’s love. As you delve into the heartwarming accounts of healing, restoration, and growth, we encourage you to reflect on your own journey and consider sharing your testimony to uplift others. At JPPM, salvation isn’t just a word; it’s a tangible experience that reverberates through every department, connecting us in our pursuit of purposeful living.

Vision & Mission

We are dedicated to the spiritual transformation of individuals and communities, emphasizing winning souls for Jesus, empowering believers to discover their purpose, and nurturing them with the Holy Spirit’s power. By focusing on prayer, healing, wisdom, and talent development through God’s Word, we aim to cultivate a thriving community reflecting God’s Kingdom on Earth.

Our Values & Beliefs

Our faith is deeply rooted in Scripture, guiding our daily lives and actions as we embody the teachings of Christ. From our unwavering belief in Christ’s resurrection to our commitment to community growth and cultural unity, each doctrine reflects our dedication to fostering love, unity, and transformation in all that we do.

Meet the Team

Meet the dedicated souls behind JPPM, a diverse team unified by faith and driven by a shared vision. Their stories, passions, and commitment embody the spirit of our community, working tirelessly to bring Christ’s teachings to life every day.


Hearing the transformative stories of individuals who’ve encountered the life-changing love of Jesus is truly inspiring. These testimonies are a testament to God’s power to renew, restore, and redirect lives in profound ways.


Salvation is a transformative journey from the shadows of sin to the illuminating embrace of Jesus Christ, offering hope, purpose, and eternal life. This guide dives deep into understanding our inherent need for redemption, the pivotal role of Jesus in bridging the gap, and the steps to embark on this profound spiritual odyssey.

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