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Connect: Ministries

Discover our ministries that are used to create change.

At the heart of our church are the ministries that act as pillars of our faith community. Each department, from the fervent Prayer Band to the vibrant Inspire Choir, plays a unique role in nurturing spiritual growth, fostering fellowship, and serving both our congregation and the broader community. Every ministry is a testament to the diverse ways in which faith can be celebrated and shared, ensuring that every member finds a space to connect, grow, and thrive.

Venturing into our ministries page provides a panoramic view of these dynamic groups. Whether you’re drawn to the creative expressions of the Drama department or the nurturing environments of the Youth, Children, and Peace departments, there’s a realm of faith exploration awaiting you. Dive in, discover more about each ministry, and perhaps find your spiritual home among these dedicated communities.

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Ministries to meet
every need with love.

Prayer Band

Storming Heaven's Gates
View the Prayer Band’s ministry department.


Unleashed Creative Expression
View the Drama ministry department.


Mighty Men of Valour
View the Men’s ministry department.

Royal Sisters

Daughters of Destiny
View the Royal Sisters’ ministry department.


Nurturing Young Hearts
View the Children’s ministry department.


Unstoppable Kingdom Chasers
View the Youth Groups’ ministry departments.

Youth: Inspire Choir

Soulful Spirits
View the Youth: Inspire Choir ministry department.

Youth: Peace Dept

Serenity Champions
View the Youth: Peace Dept ministry department.

Youth: Pacesetters Dancers

Expressive Flow
View the Youth: Pacesetters Dancers ministry department.


United Anointed Voices
View the Choir ministry departments.


Purposeful Media Messengers
View the Media ministry department.

Sanctuary Keepers

Sacred Space Stewards
View the Sanctuary Keepers’ ministry department.


Frontline Hosts
View the Ushering ministry department.


Structure Mastery
View the Maintenance ministry department.


Embrace God's Mission
View the Evangelism ministry department.


Guardians of Peace
View the Security ministry department.


Serving with Compassion
View the Charity ministry department.


Flourishing in Faith
View the Women’s ministry department.


Together We Care
View the Welfare ministry department.


Junior Adventurers
View the Pre-Teen / Children ministry department.

Young Men of Valour

Brothers In Purpose
View the Young Men of Valour ministry department.


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