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Jesus Prayer and Power Ministry

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Too blessed to be stressed.

Jesus Service Times Ministries


Explore our diverse ministries, each uniquely designed to strengthen and serve our spiritual community.


Dive into the essence of JPPM, where faith meets passion and purpose.

Get Involved

Elevate your spiritual journey through the transformative practice of prayer, connecting with God and seeking guidance.

Guided by Faith

Journey with JPPM.

Nurturing Spirits, Building Community

Rooted in the Word

Dive deeper into God’s scriptures.
At JPPM, we prioritize understanding and living by the Holy Bible, guiding our members in their spiritual journey through its timeless teachings.

Fellowship and Unity

Building bonds that transcend the ordinary.
We foster a community where believers connect, support, and uplift each other, embodying the essence of true Christian fellowship.

Service to All

Embracing God’s calling with open hearts.
Our ministries and members actively reach out, spreading the love and message of Jesus Christ, serving both our congregation and the wider community.

Witness the grace: Live and Archived Broadcasts on YouTube and Facebook

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Keeping one step ahead

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